8 TV Shows That Were Damaged By Their Own Fans

7. Glee Literally Started Using Fan Ideas

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When it first started, musical comedy-drama Glee was actually fairly well received by critics, and it's certainly no secret how immensely popular it became throughout the world at large. Around season three, however, the show began to veer off wildly in quality for many people. While certain fans were appeased, the show backed itself into a major corner.

At this point several of the shows writers have admitted to writing to please fans, which is a huge problem when looked at logically. At the end of the day, fans aren't writers, and they want what will bring them immediate gratification rather than a deeper sense of narrative satisfaction.

This lead to all sorts of plot points influenced by the fans, including Idina Menzel's appearance as Rachel's biological mother, the Brittany/Santana relationship and Gwyneth Paltrow's performance of Turning Tables. As the show went on, external fan influence rendered the writing contrived and frequently nonsensical, taking what was initially interesting about Glee and destroying it.


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