8 Unforgivable Mistakes Arrow Made (From Which It Never Recovered)

If you wanted to make a show about Batman... why not just make a show about Batman?

The CW

Ever since it first made its way onto our screens back in 2012, Arrow has been something of a revolutionary force in the world of superhero television.

Carrying the torch in a post-Smallville era, it ditched the prequel story and threw fans straight into a fully-blown film-like story centred on Oliver Queen's return from Lian Yu and subsequent rise to heroism. The end result was a thoroughly compelling narrative that introduced us all to a gritty reinvention of one of DC Comics' most beloved heroes.

Naturally, the success of Arrow spawned multiple spin-offs in The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl (with two more on the way), and, in the process, originated what is now known as the Arrowverse - a shared universe the likes of which television had never seen before, and one that looks set to stay long after Arrow concludes.

That said, while there's no doubting Arrow's contribution to superhero TV, the show hasn't exactly had the smoothest of runs. Unfortunately, it made a number of mistakes throughout its time on the air - some of which it hasn't really recovered from since...


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