8 Unusual Demands Made By Guest Stars On Rick And Morty

7. Alfred Molina Wanted To Continue His Evil Streak

Rick and Morty Elon Musk

Known for his role as Doc Ock in the Spider-Man film series, as well as his role as Multi-Bear in the hit animation series Gravity Falls, Alfred Molina is not afraid of being the bad guy. It turns out, he actually likes it!

In season one, we are introduced to Summer’s boss at the shop Needful Things. Known as The Devil, Mr Lucius Needful takes pleasure in gifting unsuspecting customers with objects designed to make their lives as good as hell. Played perfectly by Molina, this character has no sympathetic bone in his body. For example, his impotency-inducing shaving cream went down a treat when bought for finding a potential female mate. Despite all this, he treats his staff member, Summer, with respect and prioritises running a successful business by whatever means necessary.

As Molina is known for his evil roles, this cameo was perfect for the actor, and he accepted the opportunity to add another villainous feather to his evil top hat. The episode is one giant comment on the big business superpowers running the world of technology, making multiple hash references to Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg and their questionable histories.


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