9 Famous TV Villains You Didn't Realise Were Complete Morons

These guys look like geniuses at first glance. That glance would be wrong.

Without villains television would be boring. All we would watch is perfect people having perfect lives, and why would we want to watch that? We would much rather watch the Governor massacre his way through apocalypse survivors, Picard being made into a Borg, Angel turning into Angelus or Irene Adler beating Sherlock. Awesome villains show why our heroes are worthy of admiration, by making them outsmart or manoeuvre an impossible situation. Even though the villain may win, we all know that it is brief. It has to be, they are not the star of the show, the hero is. The fun part is figuring out how the hero will win. However, just because the audience knows this, does not mean that writers should make a villain's schemes moronic or just not bother with common sense. This is a list of elaborate schemes that had no purpose, plots that could have been easily foiled by just waiting it out, curses that were counter productive, dimwitted gods who did not use the power at their disposal and villains who just didn't know when to keep their mouths shut. Read on and leave comments below on some of your dumbest villains. Oh, and there will be SPOILERS throughout, be warned.

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