9 PERFECT Places To Start Watching Doctor Who

57 years of the Doctor traveling across time and space. But where should YOU start?


Doctor Who is a show with 57 years of history, so to an outsider, that maybe a rather daunting for where to start after thirty-eight series. With fifteen incarnations now (plus some others, but we'll let you learn that for yourselves), Doctor Who has had many eras and iterations.

Whilst aspects such as the TARDIS and Daleks are pop culture icons, not everyone knows their vast history, and having to catch up on these different elements can be off putting.

So what does a new fan do? Hop into the show anywhere? Start at the beginning of a Doctor's tenure? Go back to the start in 1963? Well, any of those three ideas wouldn't hurt. The show maybe 57 years old, but it's still fairly assessable, with plenty of reboots, new concepts and recaps.

However, there are certain places of the Whoniverse which are PERFECT for starting your journey in the TARDIS. Places where the show starts a fresh and there is little overlap or dependance on knowledge from previous seasons/series.

So here are 9 PERFECT places to start watching Doctor Who...

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