9 Star Trek Characters Who Deserve A Spin-Off Series

While you're green-lighting new shows, Paramount, why not give these Star Trek characters some love?

Rachel Garrett Star Trek

With five Star Trek series currently streaming and more in development, Paramount is green-lighting new Star Trek content faster than a pregnant tribble can reproduce.

Although set hundreds of years in the future and featuring aliens and advanced technology including starships, transporter beams, and phasers, Star Trek and its spin-offs, like all good science fiction, isn't actually about the future, aliens, or technology.

Rather, Star Trek uses the future, aliens, and technology to comment on the present and explore the human condition. Like all good dramas, Star Trek explores its themes through its richly written and expertly acted characters.

With a history going back to 1966 that spans 11 TV series and 13 movies, the Star Trek universe has given audiences hundreds of characters to invest in. Star Trek's series have been so well constructed that the audience can't help but feel that the lives of the characters continue after the end credits roll. Here are nine characters who deserve a spin-off series in the expanding roster of Star Trek series.

9. Mogh

Rachel Garrett Star Trek

Often mentioned on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine but never actually seen, Mogh was the slain father of Worf and Kurn.

A Mogh series would be a military thriller similar in tone to a Tom Clancy Jack Ryan novel but combined with elements of Shakespearean tragedy. It would follow Mogh, the new head of the House of Mogh as he discovers evidence that his rival, Ja'rod, is planning to betray the Klingon outpost at Khitomer and temporarily becomes head of Khitomer's security so he can investigate.

Living on Khitomer with his wife, his son Worf, and Worf's nurse, Kahlest, Mogh would navigate the twists and turns of Ja'rod's labyrinthine plot as he searches for evidence against his rival. Much like his Tom Clancy counterpart, Mogh would be stymied at every turn. He'd face threats of violence to himself and his family, escape deadly traps, and fight his way through hordes of generic henchmen on his way to the truth.

Although Mogh would discover proof of Ja'rod's scheme, it would come too late as he and Jar'od would both be killed in the attack.

The series' would end on a bittersweet note, as the U.S.S Intrepid, answering Khitomer's distress call, arrives after the Romualan attackers have already fled. Among the Intrepid crew members searching for survivor's would be Chief Petty Officer Sergey Rozhenko. Deciding its in his best interest, Kahlest would give Worf to Chief Rozhenko and his wife, Helena. Kahlest would then disappear into obscurity.

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