9 TV Horror Fates Worse Than Death

Horror TV fates worse than death! From American Horror Story to Channel Zero!

American Horror Story

There are few things in the world of entertainment that get the reaction as a good death. In the horror genre especially, entire pieces of media have cultivated their legacies on the back of a memorable or particularly gruesome demise.

In fact, the likes of The Walking Dead's Glenn, Bates Motel's Norma Bates and American Horror Story's Tate Langdon have all left audiences shocked and stunned on the back of their deaths.

However, sometimes a writer's bloodlust can extend even further than just writing out a character with a gentle slip off the mortal coil. Sometimes, the punishment goes further.

There are so many examples of characters in television shows being forced to endure final fates that often lead to audiences thinking: 'they'd be better off dead.' This is especially true in the world of horror, where the brakes really are often thrown off and the writer's imagination is let loose.

From monstrous transformations, stomaching guilty consciences, birthing a baby born via a demon, to being killed over and over again for all of eternity, here are nine fates in the world of horror television that are undoubtedly worse than just dying.

9. Judith's Broken Psyche - Slasher

American Horror Story

Slasher is a Canadian horror anthology series produced for Netflix, with each story focusing on a different group of would-be victims and a serial killer looking to hack and slash them to pieces.

Season two of the series, Guilty Party, follows the story of a group of camp counsellors killing one of their friends and returning to the scene of the crime that winter, only to find that the body has been discovered and their secret is out.

They are forced into staying at a resort with the members residing there, only for a masked killer that has discovered the secret to begin picking off each one of them through some particularly gruesome means.

The true killer is one of the resort's residents, a woman named Judith Berry. Haunted by the memory of her son who was framed for the original murder and later hanged in jail, Judith is mentally unstable and clearly unable to find a way of moving on from what had happened to her son, even after she begins her murderous rampage.

The final scene of the season shows Judith stalking the last two survivors of her murder spree before turning to have a conversation with her son, showcasing that she is still unable to satisfy her bloodlust and will continue to suffer from this trauma for the rest of her life.

It's ironic that in a series that has people being burned alive, split apart and smashed in the head with a boulder, it's the killer who gets to freely walk away that is ultimately left with one of the worst fates of all.


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