9 TV Horror Fates Worse Than Death

7. Emma's Demonic Pregnancy - Marianne

American Horror Story

Marianne is a French TV series developed for Netflix and follows the story of a young horror writer named Emma. It is revealed that Emma's writing is influenced by the dreams and nightmares she had in her past, but also that these sinister beings are brought to life in the real world when she puts pen to paper.

Portrayed in the show by Délia Espinat-Dief, Marianne is an evil witch-like figure that Emma first experienced as a nightmare when she was a child. Throughout the first season, Marianne is brought to life by Emma's writing and is shown to be able to possess various people, and it is this particular power that comes back to deliver the show's final sombre ending.

After Father Xavier selflessly sacrifices himself in an attempt to vanquish the demons surrounding Marianne, Emma picks up her friend Camille from the hospital and discovers that the events of the series have not only physically damaged her, but also left her mute. The two begin their horror movie staple happy ending journey into the horizon, but soon discover that Emma is pregnant.

It is then revealed that Emma had actually slept with one of the demons, thinking it was another man. She is shown throwing up frequently and the pair buy a pregnancy test, which confirms the shocking revelation.

The two girls not only showcase the lasting effects of their harrowing ordeal, but are now faced with the prospect of bringing and raising life that had been conceived through a demon.


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