9 TV Shows That Blew You Away With Just One Season

9. Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous

zach stone

Never let it be said that MTV does nothing of worth any more. In fact, it's incredibly surprising that the channel aired Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous at all, given the fact that its primary purpose is essentially to make fun of the kinds of people who typically watch MTV.

The show is a mockumentary starring young comedian Bo Burnham. Burnham plays Zach Stone, a teenager just out of high school who decides to try and become famous rather than going to college. Zach spends every penny of his inheritance hiring a film crew in order to document his life, despite the fact that he has no clear talent.

Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous is absolutely hilarious, mixing cringe comedy with some great physical gags and sprinkling on top a layer of Millennial satire. What's even more impressive is that Zach Stone manages to retain a beating heart, displaying genuine tenderness and emotion when called for. Unfortunately for Burnham and the rest of the cast (including a fantastic performance by Tom Wilson of Back To The Future fame) the comedy was cancelled due to low viewer figures, but the first and sadly only season tells a complete story, so it's absolutely worth watching regardless.


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