9 TV Shows That Blew You Away With Just One Season

3. True Detective


Whether or not this show necessarily counts is probably up for debate, but given the fact that season one is a completely self-contained story and in no way related to season two, I think it merits a place on this list. The first season of True Detective first aired at the beginning of 2014, starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.

One of the amazing things about television is that it has the power to unite fans in mystery and speculation. Movies lack this power €“ answers are forthcoming by the end of the film or several years later in the sequel. Television, on the other hand, often provides answers on a week to week basis, building a sense of community amongst fans and generating a massive (and undeniably exciting) buzz while waiting for the next episode. When it first aired True Detective €“ which unfolds a non-linear mystery explored by the Louisiana State Police €“ absolutely encapsulated this feeling.

There is so much that the first season of True Detective gets right €“ the writing is sharp, the acting is incredible and the atmosphere is absolutely captivating. There's a sense of weight and foreboding to the central enigma that just wouldn't be replicable in a two-hour film. It's practically impossible to come away from the show not feeling rattled yet satisfied.


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