9 TV Shows That Seriously Lost The Plot

8. Two & A Half Men

Two and a half men

Two And A Half Men started well. It was funny for a number of seasons. The cast worked well onscreen and rebooted Charlie Sheen€™s career after a long period of nothing of note. But the natural killing strokes that should have just ended the show, the network just tried to keep it alive by trying to reinvent it, with no real build up to the massive changes. When Sheen was fired over his personal troubles, they introduced his replacement Ashton Kutcher as the rich guy who bought Charlie€™s house and it just didn€™t work. It wasn€™t funny and Jon Cryer just doesn€™t work anymore in this ensemble. If this wasn't enough, Angus T Jones is leaving the show to be replaced by a teenage girl (Charlie's long-lost daughter). If there was ever a show that had severely lost its way this was it - CBS need to let this die.

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