9 Upcoming TV Shows Based On Movies (That Will Probably Suck)

9. Van Helsing

Universal Pictures

2003's Van Helsing, itself an homage to the old Universal Monster films and centred around a character from Bram Stoker's Dracula, was a bit of a mess. Although it cast the usually great Hugh Jackman, the film was hollow and overstuffed with CGI creatures.

Still, it took over $300m at the box office, and with a recognisable name and built-in universe to explore, it's not that surprising it's getting the TV treatment.

It's being developed by SyFy, who've had some surprising success with another movie adaptation, 12 Monkeys. Inspired by the characters of the film, this will centre on Van Helsing's daughter, Vanessa Helsing (Kelly Overton). It'll be set in a near-future where the world is overran by vampires, and Vanessa is resurrected to lead the fight against them.

Vampire shows have long passed the period when they were 'in', so it remains to be seen how much interest there is in this from audiences, and there's little cause for optimism: Penny Dreadful already attempted to tackle a similar universe, with some success, and The Walking Dead's got the overrun post-apocalyptic world covered, while it's being directed by the guy who made The Wicker Man...The Nicholas Cage one.


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