After Life Season 2 Review: 4 Ups & 3 Downs


3. That DAMN Psychiatrist

Netflix After Life Psychiatrist Paul Kaye

As odious and offensive as Tony's psychiatrist was last season, there could be an argument made for his existence because at least he served a purpose. The egotistical narcissist was a sounding board for Tony, yes, as the grieving man could tell him how he was feeling about the world, why he hated people and, in the process, ultimately realise that the man sitting in the chair opposite him was one of those people.

The funniest thing about the character was Tony's bewildered reactions to the dreadful stuff he spouted, so the mind really does boggle as to why he needed to return for the second offering when Tony had left him behind.

This time, he's paired off with Tony's brother-in-law Matt and the result is far less appealing, resulting in boring monologues with offensive commentary that might (at a stretch) have been funny in the first episode. We didn't need the five that followed.

Look, Paul Kaye is wonderful, but his character has been stretched beyond his limits.

We don't care about him, his vitriolic rants or his cardboard friends. We just don't care.


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