Agents Of SHIELD: 8 Theories On Skye's Parents' Identity

Just what the hell is she, anyway?

One thing that has been teased throughout the first season of Agents of SHIELD is Skye€™s background. She was found as a child by SHIELD after being identified as a 0-8-4 (an object of mysterious origin) and then hidden throughout her childhood by being constantly moved between foster homes. This was all to cloak her from monsters who attacked the village she was found in, resulting in the death of all but one of the SHIELD team protecting her€ and those monsters have been revealed to be her parents. In the series finale, viewers finally got their first glimpse of one of her parents (presumed to be her father), who appeared to be covered in blood. He was known to Raina, who had earlier in the episode teased her own secrets. Her knowledge seems to be the key as she knows Skye€™s true nature, as she has stated that she doesn't know what Skye will become. As for Skye, a previous article suggested five possibilities for her true identity, but with the further information available and the first look at her father, who exactly could he be and who or what does that make her? Actress Chloe Bennet said the following about the plans for Skye in season two:
€œSkye finds out a lot about her family coming up, or lack thereof. She doesn't know where she's from or if she's human, or alien, if she has powers. She has no idea, so we'll be seeing a lot of her finding that out.€
Here are eight suggestions as to who or what Skye might have been conceived by and how that might fit into the second series of the show€

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