Almost Human: 6 New Clues And Revelations In 'Are You Receiving?'

Almosthuman1 3 With only three episodes under its belt, Almost Human has quickly become the most exciting and enthralling new show on television. The show has become more than just the sci-fi procedural introduced in the pilot episode, laying the groundwork for an exciting mythology for fans of the show to explore. Anyone familiar with the work of the show's creator, J.H. Wyman (who was one of the executive producers on Fringe), should expect as much, especially with JJ Abrams in his usual exec-producer role. It's nice to see a show so good so early in its run, and episode three, Are You Receiving?, showed no signs of a drop in quality. Part Die Hard, part Dredd, this may just be the show's best episode yet, and now we're left to wonder if the series can retain its excellent quality in the coming weeks. As I mentioned before, the writers on the show have given viewers a lot to chew on and a lot of hints about upcoming storylines and potential plot details to explore. Here are 6 revelations from the episode and what we may be able to look for moving forward. Warning! This post will contain spoilers for the first three episodes of Almost Human. You have been warned...

Honourable Mention: John's Middle Name

Kennex It may not be the biggest thing revealed in the episode; which is why it gets merely an honourable mention, but the fact that John's middle name is Reginald is worth noting if only for comedic reasons. We're told this while John is on the phone with one of the hostages on the 25th floor, as he's attempting to McGyver a solution to Dorian's gunshot wound to the head. John explains that his father was a fan of Elton John, whose real name is Reginald. Dorian then teases John about it at the end of the episode, revealing that he was still able to hear John though he appeared unconscious.

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