Amazon's Lord Of The Rings: 10 Things Fans Demand

9. Numenor

Sauron Lord of the Rings

This idyllic society was the first settlement of the Dunedain, whose seafaring ways would eventually lead to the population of Middle Earth. The royal lineage would also bring us ring-hogger Isildur, and in-turn our hero Aragorn.

Actually seeing this borderline mythical civilisation would be immense, if Amazon have the wherewithal to pull it off. Tolkien, the absolute legend-obsessed lad that he was, based Numenor off the doomed city of Atlantis: Numenor too sank into the sea after it got too big for its boots.

The Fall of Numenor is downright integral to the rise of a certain other character we're all too familiar with: the titular Lord of the Rings himself. More on that later.

With such an immense part of LOTR lore in the hands of this Amazon show production team, there are a few anxieties amongst fans.

How will this once-great society be depicted? Perhaps some Grecian-inspired aesthetic as a nod to its Classical inspiration? Maybe there'll be a smidge of a Viking look because of their penchant for overseas exploration?

We'd just really like to see Numenor, to be honest, but it'd be great if they didn't screw it up.


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