American Dad! - 10 Most Uncomfortable Episodes

9. Shallow Vows

Camp American

Another episode that spectacularly shows off Stan's ego and vanity, Shallow Vows has Stan and Francine prepare to renew their marriage vows, with Roger's Jeannie Gold persona planning the ceremony.

It all sounds nice and harmless, but all hell breaks loose when Francine decides to test her husband's love for her by putting a stop to her beauty regiment - and consequently showing up to the ceremony looking like a fat, hairy, monobrowed monster.

Stan is repulsed by her 'real' appearance, and does the only logical thing in such a situation: makes himself go blind to save their marriage.

There's undoubtedly a lot to offend people with in this episode, considering how common body dysmorphia is nowadays. This isn't what makes the episode uncomfortable to watch, though. Rather, it's the sickening detail the writing and animation goes into in describing Francine's appearance; the sheer lengths the script goes to to make her as 'ugly' and 'grotesque' as possible.

And while it's constantly funny to hear and see these things, it can be more than a little off-putting at the same time. Watching this one while having your tea is not recommended.

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