American Dad: 5 Greatest Roger Personas

Roger Personas

It took a while for Roger to find his feet in American Dad. Although he was a clear fan-favourite from the start, his alien appearance confined his vivacious personality to the attic of the Smith household through fear of capture by the CIA. Consequently, Roger's bitchy one-liners and caustic wit were only ever used as a foil to Stan's overbearing conservatism which grew stale after a few seasons.

Whoever came up with the idea to have him interact with the outside world through the use of elaborate disguises made American Dad what it is today. His ability to be a completely different person every week not only added spice to a fairly rigid episode format, it gave the writers a blank cheque to take episodes in any direction they wanted and is a sure factor in the sitcom's longevity.

Usually Roger's personas are loose caricatures of celebrities or real people we encounter on a daily basis, each with their own professions, social security numbers and sometimes multiple felonies running amok in Langley Falls. While they all have been entertaining in their own way, some have naturally stuck in the mind more than others. Alas, my top five personas are as follows:

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