American Dad: The 10 Best Characters

Feature Cover1 American Dad (exclamation mark optional) has been gracing our screens since 2005, and while many believe it will always live firmly in the shadow of its sister show Family Guy, there is still much to be said about this zany cartoon experience. The amount of times during an episode I've realised I'm watching my own life experiences played back to me (albeit in a much funnier and less depressing way) is uncanny. What with Steve having trouble asking out a girl at school, Hayley finding it difficult to have a decent relationship with her father, Stan struggling to control the unruly alien that lives in his attic - I mean, who hasn't been there, right? ... Right? What I'm trying to say is, it's relatable (for the most part), and showing these everyday situations in an exaggerated manner is what makes an animated comedy show worth watching. So, the situational comedy in this sitcom is great, but what of the characters of American Dad? We all know and love the principal Smith family cast - but, like life in the universe, there are others. The unsung heroes of this cartoon crew are those who make an appearance just five or six times per season, but whose comedy value is priceless to the show. This list is largely populated by such characters, but of course, it will include some of the more senior members of the AD ensemble. So let's get straight to it. If you do think I may have omitted someone important from the list, or have a particular opinion on it, please feel free to keep it firmly to yourself. I joke of course, comments always welcome at the bottom of the page!
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