American Horror Story: 10 Saddest Deaths

The saddest deaths in American Horror Story fans can't stop thinking about.

American Horror Story Violet Death

Death is an everyday occurrence in the twisted world of American Horror Story - it's expected when the show features the likes of murderous ghosts and serial killers.

Throughout all ten seasons of creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's multi award-winning anthology, plenty of characters have been axed off - sometimes literally. While some of these victims desperately had it coming, plenty of the other characters we meet throughout the show didn't deserve their horrific fate.

Alongside the show's joyously campy tone, brazen sexuality, and grizzly violence, another aspect which made AHS great was its ensemble of memorable characters. Played by an all-star cast and brilliantly written, viewers would soon find themselves invested in each of their plights.

Everyone entangled in whatever monstrous happenings occurred in their respective season has their own hopes, dreams, love, and fears. And as the series continues, viewers will find themselves growing more and more attached to certain characters.

But there's rarely a pleasant ending to be found in this show, meaning that not all these beloved characters will get their happily ever after. And it's these loses that can be the most shocking of all to see.

Beware massive spoilers for American Horror Story ahead.

10. Winter Anderson

American Horror Story Violet Death

Played by the wonderful Billie Lourd in her debut role, Winter is the devout sister to Kai Andeson, Evan Peters' fanatical cult leader and main antagonist to the show's seventh season.

Viewers are first introduced to Winter when she takes a babysitting job for Ally and Ivy's son Oz. Though she initially seems like the perfect candidate (she even shares the couple's political views), her dark side is slowly revealed. Not only does she introduce the youngster to the Dark Web and give them front row seats to a real-life murder, but she also manipulates the couple to try to drive a wedge between them.

It's later revealed that Winter was in league with her brother and his cult the entire time. The siblings are shown to share an uncomfortably close bond throughout the series, with a pinky swear being a binding sign of their loyalty.

Unfortunately for Winter, though, Kai's derangement eventually sees him turn against her, falsely believing that she betrayed him.

This suspenseful encounter culminates in an intense sequence in which an enraged Kai strangles her. Peters and Lourd's dedicated performances are what make this death resonate so much. Winter did some terrible things, but she didn't deserve this.


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