American Horror Story: 10 Saddest Deaths

9. Lee Harris

American Horror Story Violet Death

Thanks to a curse that sees the ghosts of a blood-thirsty colony wreak havoc whenever there's a blood moon, the inhabitants of Roanoke's Shaker Mansion don't tend to make it out alive. The most recent victims of The Butcher's fury were couple Shelby and Matt Miller alongside Matt's sister Lee. It was the latter who'd become the series' most tragic character.

Played by Adina Porter, Lee is a recovering alcoholic when viewers first meet her. Reeling from the loss of her first child and battling with a drug addiction that caused her to lose her job as a police officer, Lee is now battling for custody of her other daughter, Flora.

Throughout Lee's ordeal in this house, all she ever wanted was to be Flora's mother. At the end of the season when she learns that Flora is willing to sacrifice herself to protect Pracilla (a young girl whose part of the colony), Lee offers herself in her place so that Flora can live her life.

Lee burns down the house and, in an ending reminiscent to Dark Water, Flora waves goodbye to the ghosts of Lee and Pracilla.

After everything Lee went through, her ultimate sacrifice closes Roanoke on a sombre note.


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