American Horror Story: 12 Most Dramatic Deaths

So. Much. Drama.

True to American Horror Story standards, AHS: Hotel has continued the hallowed tradition of adding to the current death toll in almost every episode by entertaining viewers with some pretty grim and dramatic deaths; so much so that you question why you even watch the show. From Season One onwards, there have been so many examples of brutality and horrendously gruesome deaths, alongside many taboo themes, that you're not even sure how the series got the green light in the first place. But that's what you love about the show, right? AHS is able to explore the darkness that a lot of television shows simply don't have the guts to do, and that's because a lot of people probably don't want to see people being drowned or killed by having a fire poker shoved up their behind. Luckily the AHS fanbase defies the norm, because we can't get enough of these dramatic and inventive deaths.

Honourable Mention: The Lowes' Dog

Season: Hotel The poor dog. We all saw it coming, right? But why do we get so upset about seeing animals die on screen? Is it because we're desensitised to seeing humans die that it's a shock to our systems, or is it because we just prefer animals? Either way, that dog was hunted down and feasted on by a little boy who was just supposed to love him. RIP the Lowes' family dog.

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