American Horror Story: 15 Times It Went Too Far

Seriously, WTF?

American Horror Story is disturbing on so many levels but you just can't seem to tear your eyes away. The characters are entertaining, the themes are clever and the story lines are addictive.

Viewers feel as though they know the ins and outs of the characters' lives as they are so well developed, but as always, there seems to be some overshare and viewers are left knowing things that they wish they didn't. AHS doesn't shy away from the taboo, the explicit or the deranged and the majority of the show is made up up of disturbing scenes and dialogue that makes you wish that you were a child again so that you couldn't understand it. The whole 'show me your mossy bank' line was enough to make you feel uncomfortable for the next five years.

Ryan Murphy has created a show full of nightmares and it's bloody brilliant. Having said that, there are times when the show has proved itself to be a bit too "out there" and even the actors have had to take a step back because some of the scenes are just so intense and barbaric. After all, it is a Horror Story, and the cast certainly know how to deliver.

15. Twisty's Face

Season: 4 AHS: Freak Show

Twisty's general appearance is absolutely horrific and if the viewers didn't have a fear of clowns before watching Freak Show, then they probably do now. Twisty was a deeply misunderstood character and although the show also often combines natural and supernatural horror, with regards to Twisty, his life was ruined by rumours made up by other people, all because they were jealous of his success.

Before Twisty became Twisty the murderer, he was a very popular entertainer with an endless love for all children. In an attempt to sabotage his business, competitors spread rumours that he was molesting children and thusly ended his business as a clown. Humiliated and angered by these vicious lies, Twisty tried to kill himself by putting a shotgun in his mouth, but his suicide wasn't successful and the mask is used to hide the fact that he no longer has a lower jaw. Because that mask wasn't menacing enough. But in a warped way, Twisty believed that children still liked his company and his games, and he also thought that he was saving them from their parents who don't give them nearly as many sweets as they deserve. At least he cared... Sort of.


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