American Horror Story: 7 Suggestions For Where Season 3 Should Be Set


American Horror Story Season 2 (or American Horror Story: Asylum as it likes to be called) is roughly two thirds of its way through the season, taking a couple of weeks break for the Holiday (Happy Holidays by the way), but even though this season has yet to reach a conclusion, the show has already been picked up for a Season 3 to air next October.

I don't know about you, but something feels just a little off with the show this Season. Don't get me wrong, I am still almost completely hooked and still can't wait to see how Ryan Murphy and co. wrap up the many horror ideas and conventions the show has set up so far, but personally, the setting this year of an Insane Asylum run by Nuns is beginning to get just a little bit boring. The premise was a good one, and the idea sure sounded like it would be a lot of fun before the season started off, but nine episodes in and like the patients/inmates at Briarcliff, I am longing for a change of scenery. The good thing about American Horror Story unlike most other shows on air is that at the end of this current Season we will never have to see Briarcliff again, and can begin to get excited by a new setting conventional of the Horror genre next year, though as of yet Ryan Murphy and co. have kept their lips tightly sealed as to what that setting will be. So far we have had the "Haunted House" setting and the "Insane Asylum" setting... I don't know about you but personally next year I'd like to see something a little more fun, and not so dark, depressing and gloomy. The Horror genre can be a hell of a lot of fun when it wants to be... just think of the film, Cabin in the Woods if you don't believe me. The following list names what I believe would be the 10 funnest Horror settings for the new Season and also the 10 most likely.

7. Carnival/ Fun Fair/Theme-park


This is what I consider to be the most likely setting for the new season of American Horror Story and personally what I consider to be one of the most fun options open to Ryan Murphy and co. The "Fun Fair" has a long tradition and connection with the Horror genre. Not only is it used in many Horror themed films for example "Zombieland" but Theme-parks are also a popular destination for teenagers at Halloween, and most good Carnivals or Theme-parks will have their own "House of Horror" attraction. This would be a great setting for the new season for a whole host of different reasons. First of all, American Horror Story has a huge ensemble of characters, and this setting would need to be populated by a whole host of interesting and quirky characters to control and manage each individual ride on the site, not to mention all the paying customers that would be needed to visit the attraction. Secondly, most shows are structured to begin their stories in the Autumn and finish at Spring, and it is very rare that we will ever see our favorite TV characters enjoying the Summer Season. This setting would be ideal to change the dark and depressing pace of this last gloomy season, and could break free from a claustrophobic indoor setting and explore the open airs of outdoors a little more. Perhaps in keeping with the American Horror Conventions of the previous seasons, I would have the Fun Fair built on top of an ancient Native American burial ground. I'd also probably set it in the 70s, just so I could enjoy all the crazy hairstyles of the decade.

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