American Horror Story: Apocalypse - 6 Ups & 1 Down From 'Boy Wonder'


6. Cordelia's Vision

American Horror Story Apocalypse Cordelia

The end of the world might be at the centre of Apocalypse, but most of the season has taken place inside the Outpost. Due to this, viewers haven't seen much of what the outside world has to offer, nor have we spent much time with those that dwell there. Cordelia's vision changes this.

For the Supreme witch, this vision merely previews what we - the viewers - already know. Nonetheless, it's our first official look at the dangers of the brave new world and, while characters have mentioned the dangers before, it's the first time we see the creatures up close and personal. We're experiencing it all through our terrified Supreme.

What's more, watching her die at the hands of the zombie-creatures only intensifies the sequence further, and gives Cordelia the ammunition she needs, realising she must do everything in her power to stop this from happening, making for a very powerful opening segment.


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