American Horror Story: Apocalypse Finale - 7 Ups & 2 Downs From ‘Apocalypse Then’


7. We're Back In The Present

American Horror Story Apocalypse Coven

As fun as the first few episodes were, Apocalypse took quite a while to get going. By the end of episode three, however, things began heating up, when Wilhemina Venable poisoned all of the remaining survivors, which led to Cordelia Goode showing up at the Outpost - accompanied by Myrtle Snow and Madison Montgomery - to resurrect her fallen sisters, with the intention of taking out Michael Langdon once and for all.

However, this is when the story took a bit of a break. The following six episodes flashed back in time to a world before the apocalypse. These instalments were designed to fill in the blanks, demonstrating how Michael grew into the villainous being we know him to be, while simultaneously re-introducing us to the Coven witches of Miss Robichaux's.

Of course, it's heartwarming to see these wonderful characters once more, but the flashback episodes - as necessary as they were - left us all in a state of limbo, as we attempted to work out what happened next in the story, which is why it was great that the final episode picks up from where we left off all those weeks ago.


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