American Horror Story: Every Season Ranked Worst To Best (So Far)

Which season of this genre-bending, plot-twisting show is the best of the best?

Tv Tate American Horror Story

American Horror Story debuted in 2011 and has since gained a vast fan following thanks to its blend of horror, mystery and drama. Each season is different in plot, tone and character, with each entry feeling far removed from its predecessors whilst maintaining the show's signature stylish aesthetic, plot twists and chilling scenarios.

This season-by-season shift in theme and narrative has allowed AHS to remain fresh and avoid becoming stale and boring.

Over the last few seasons, showrunner Ryan Murphy (he of Glee and American Crime Story fame) has allowed seasons to briefly cross over in a series of fan services and meta references which often tie together various characters and plots to the wider AHS world.

Most of the entries to the show's catalogue have been met with positive critical and audience reactions, but after nine seasons it's clear that some stand above the rest in terms of quality.

So, in honour of its renewal for a further three seasons, with Season Ten coming sometime in 2021, here's a list ranking the entries of American Horror Story. Some spoilers follow.

9. Season Six: Roanoke

Tv Tate American Horror Story

On paper, Roanoke has a strong and refreshing premise. It begins its run as a fictional paranormal documentary detailing one couple's relocation to North Carolina. There, the couple are terrorised by strange figures and happenings around their new home, the events of which are linked to the disappearance of the infamous Roanoke Colony.

The second half of the season shifts tone and sees the actors involved in the documentary travel to the real-life setting of the couple's horrors, to film a reality TV show.

Sporting a typically confident cast, with veterans Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates joined by Oscar-winner Cuba Gooding Jr, Roanoke's bizarre and convoluted plot often finds itself too confusing and difficult to follow.

Also, the characters are lacking the kind of multi-layered aspects AHS usually pulls off so well, with Peters finding himself criminally underused and Gooding Jr being about as one-note and forgettable as any AHS character there has ever been.

One saving grace of the season is Adina Porter, who is electric in her role as a former police officer with a dark past. Also, as ever, Roanoke manages to capture the essence of the show with some great visuals and a stylish set. Unfortunately, it all falls apart due to its weak characters, timeline and forced twists.


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