American Horror Story: Every Season Ranked Worst To Best (So Far)

8. Season Eight: Apocalypse

Tv Tate American Horror Story

Without question the show's most ambitious endeavour, Apocalypse is a cross-over frenzy of a season which follows a wide range of unusual characters after the end of the world. Though this a simple plot, it quickly goes into overdrive as it becomes one big cross-over between Season One (Murder House) and Season Three (Coven).

After a nuclear war, survivors find themselves in bunkers, where a clear hierarchy is in play. The first two episodes are normal AHS (or as normal as it gets), wherein the miss-matched survivors come to terms with their predicament. Then the witches of Coven return, determined to save mankind from the Antichrist, Michael, the child conceived at the end of Murder House.

From there on, Apocalypse doesn't slow down to take a breath. Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates and Frances Conroy, to name a few, are constantly switching between characters in a chaotic and blurry series of over-the-top attempts at fan service and tying up what came before.

Time travel also plays a role, which as it turns out has no place in AHS, and the end is ambiguous in all the wrong ways, promising audiences they're probably going to have to sit through more of Michael's yawn-inducing shenanigans in the future. Or the past. Or whenever.

But at least Jessica Lange was a welcome return...


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