American Horror Story: Kathy Bates' Characters Ranked Worst To Best

From Coven to Apocalypse, which Kathy Bates character deserves the top spot?

American Horror Story Delphine Lalaurie

American Horror Story has garnered the reputation for attracting some big names. Lady Gaga, Stevie Nicks, and now even Macaulay Culkin have all thrown their hat in the ring for an appearance on the hit show. But before all of them, there was one Kathleen Doyle Bates.

Kathy Bates rose to prominence for her performance of psychotic fan Annie Wilkes Misery. Stephen King adaptations are infamously hit or miss, but boy was this one a hit - and it's largely thanks to Bates. This multifaceted, talented actor is capable of many things, but it has to be said that Bates really did get back to her horror roots when she signed on for AHS.

She only came into American Horror Story three seasons in, and thus far has only actually appeared in four of this anthology's nine outings. Yet, she is one of the most iconic actors to appear in the entire show.

Sporting a different accent and hairdo for every appearance, Bates has demonstrated her excellent ability to embody any type of person: from seemingly docile mother, to cold-blooded unhinged killer. Bates herself has claimed that her roles in AHS have resurrected her career, and she does have a point. As talented as she has been since her earliest works, Ryan Murphy's choice to cast her has opened her up to a whole new generation of appreciation.

But of her six characters in this anthology series, which can claim her best work? Time to make some strong arguments.


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