The Americans: 5 Burning Questions For Season 3

Note - one of these questions won't be about where they got all their eye-meltingly retro threads.

FX's The Americans is one of the most intriguing series on television, and recently wrapped a stellar second season with a wholly satisfying finale. Despite some major teases for new plot threads left to be explored in season 3, many of season 2's mysteries were neatly tied up. Emmet and Leanne's murder mystery is solved, Stan and Nina's relationship has come to an end (as has Nina's tenure as an operative of the Rezidentura), Larrick has been killed, and the Jennings are, for the time being, relatively safe from any impending threats. However, things aren't exactly going to be easy for our beloved KGB operatives next season. For, as many loose ends that were resolved, more mysteries and tantalizing inquiries took their place. The Cold War is still in full swing, and will be for at least another decade until the imminent fall of the Soviet Union. That means there is still plenty of history for the show to cover and use as inspiration, and things can only go smoothly for Philip and Elizabeth Jennings for so long before their lives are thrown into chaos once more. The season two finale left us with five burning questions for season 3. Let's dive in and dissect them, shall we?

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