Animated Game Of Thrones Spinoff Is Happening!

The animated series is one of several Game of Thrones spinoffs in development.

Game Of Thrones Fire

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Game of Thrones may be getting an animated spinoff, according to an exclusive published by The Hollywood Reporter.

Currently in early development, the series is one of several spinoffs of George R.R. Martin's fantasy drama, which finished its 8 season run in May 2019. Other spinoffs include the live-action prequel House of the Dragon, and an adaptation of Martin's novellas Tales of Dunk and Egg. The spinoffs are being developed directly in collaboration between Martin and HBO's drama department.


Because the series is in a fetal stage, details on crew or content are unknown and likely nonexistent, as HBO parent company WarnerMedia is currently in the process of meeting with potential writers. According to Hollywood Reporter, the series would have a similar tone to its live-action counterparts, and would be distributed via the HBO Max streaming platform.

WarnerMedia's strategy is part of an ongoing trend of studios expanding existing IPs to create streaming content, like Warner's own recently-announced Harry Potter live-action series. It's an approach that's been a major success for Warner rival Disney, whose Star Wars spinoff The Mandalorian has been both a critical and financial success.


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