Archer: 10 CRAZY Cheryl Moments

The best moments from Archer's air-headed heiress.


With an eleventh series on the horizon, Archer has spent the last decade becoming a cult classic and building up a fierce following – including yours truly – who look to use “danger zone”, “phrasing” and of course “LANAAAA” within their daily vernacular.

Adam Reed’s world of espionage (done in all the wrong ways) boasts some of the strongest and most hilarious adult cartoon characters: the titular Sterling Archer with his dependency on all things debauchery; his mother, the narcissistic Malory who he has an especially complicated and creepy relationship with; queen of gossip and inappropriate comments Pam Poovy, who should be up for an award for the world’s worst HR Director. There's even poor accountant Cyril, the office punching bag and occasional sex deviant (though no worse than most of the staff).

However, none quite match the level of insanity of secretary and secret millionaire, the air-headed heiress Cheryl Tunt. Cheryl – or Carol, Cherlene, Cristal, Carina, etc. – has cemented her way into Archer fans’ hearts through her screeching catchphrase (“YOU’RE NOT MY SUPERVISOR!”) and her countless whacky antics.

Spoilers ahead.

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