Archer: 10 CRAZY Cheryl Moments

10. Stockholm Syndrome With Mr Rompers


In Archer’s seventh season, the show decided it had had enough of espionage for a while and brought us The Figgis Agency. The gang moved to LA and became PIs, inspired by action-packed crime shows like Magnum PI. In the episode “Bel Panto Parts 1 and 2”, the agency is tasked with protecting aging Hollywood starlet Veronica Deane and her priceless necklace. To no one’s surprise, a simple bodyguarding job soon goes array when a gang of clowns raid the party for the necklace.

Whilst the main plot focuses on Archer’s one-man mission to infiltrate the Dark Knight wannabes and protect the manipulative star, the side plot goes down a completely different road. Cheryl has decided that she has Stockholm syndrome and is now in love with the terrorists’ leader Mr Rompers, much to the disgust of both her friends AND kidnappers.

On its own, this is a classic Cheryl moment, who has become weirder and wilder by the season. However, the moment that had fans laughing was when Cheryl, determined and fixated on her future with her harlequin husband, changes her name (AGAIN!) and applies clown makeup. Eventually, Cheryl does her best Heath Ledger's Joker impression, her lipstick smeared madly across her cheeks.

To top it off, seeing Joker-Cheryl being pelted by Riot Squad beanbags in the finale whilst laughing manically throughout is comedy gold.

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