Archer: EVERY Season Ranked Worst To Best

A show that can't hear you over the sound of its deafening awesomeness.


Archer is a show like no other. With its uber-stylish animation, its incredible voice cast, unique and blunt humour and simply ridiculous story-lines, this is one of the best adult animations on television.

Having just finished its milestone tenth season and been renewed for an eleventh, now seems like a good time to pay tribute to the adventures of the world's TRUE best spy (sorry Bond) with a look at which of the show's many entries is its best.

Of course, this is a tough task. Every season is different, often radically so, and not one can be considered weak TV. All are unique, clever, and hilarious, and all offer a wide range of obscure pop culture references, bizarre themes and brilliant character arcs. Whilst some might not be as consistent as the others, and some may lack a certain level of freshness to its humour, all ten seasons are a treat to watch.

The following list will attempt to rank the seasons of Archer, taking into consideration the story-lines they produced, the jokes they created, the often hysterical situations our "heroes" found themselves, and the sheer originality and pay-off of each major plot.

Once you're done, it might be worth revisiting this perfect vision of a show and get binge-watching.


**SPOILERS follow.

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