Arrested Development: 10 Greatest Episodes So Far

9. Pier Pressure (Season 1, Episode 10)

pier pressure When Michael and Lindsay have a disagreement over parenting methods, flashbacks from their childhood bring the memory of how George Sr. used to stage bizarre escapades in order to learn his children lessons. These lessons consisted of using his friend, J. Walter Weatherman, a one armed man. Usually his arm would come flying off followed by a short lecture (And that's why you don't...). After a misunderstanding over the purchase of some pot, Michael decides to give his son George Michael one of these lessons - minus the one armed man. But ultimately it is Michael who falls prey to his father and J. Walter Weatherman yet again. Elsewhere, Lucille and Maeby are spending some rare quality time together, that is until Lucille starts to treat Maeby like she did her mother.

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