Arrested Development: 20 Greatest Running Jokes

arrested-development-returns We're so close. In just two days, after a long, seven-year hiatus (well, cancellation), Arrested Development is coming back to bring some joy into our dull, empty lives. On May 26th, Netflix will release a brand new season of this undeniable comedy gem, in its entirety, on their instant streaming service - and we can't wait to see what the old gang are going to get up to this time. Expectations are high, of course, which is what happens when you make one of the best shows ever, get cancelled, build up a huge cult following, and decide to return. Arrested Development tells the story of the Bluths, the most dysfunctional family in America, and the "one son who had no choice but to keep them together." Led by a large ensemble cast of comic geniuses, with the wonderful Jason Bateman as the "sanest" member of the family, the show became renowned for its signature jokes, frequent and reoccurring, and its incredibly dense and layered structure. There are literally hundreds of gags in every episode, both of the obvious and absurdly subtle kind. If any comedy show warrants multiple viewings, it's this one. To celebrate the return of what is possibly the most brilliant sitcom of the 21st century, we've rounded up our own personal picks for the 20 greatest running jokes in Arrested Development history. We can't wait to see how many of these will get referenced again in the new episodes...

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