Arrested Development: 20 Greatest Running Jokes

20. A Love Between Two Cousins

102-maeby-lick-sm Incest rarely makes a good subject for the sitcom format, because where exactly do you go with something like that? And yet Arrested Development manages, rather sweetly, to make George Michael's devoted attraction to his cousin Maeby not that weird. This incredibly long-running gag ("53 weeks...") mainly consists of George Michael misinterpreting things that his cousin mentions to him as sexual advances, though it's later revealed that she actually does harbour secret romantic feelings for him, too. Then, of course, it turns out they aren't blood related, and we don't have to feel weird about getting invested in any of this. It's not that kind of show, after all. Still, I'd quite like to get me a copy of Les Cousins Dangereux. You know, for research purposes.

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