Arrow: 10 Biggest Questions We Have For Season 8

Are we about to get a full season of the Crisis?

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Contains spoilers from Arrow Season 7.

Arrow's seventh season certainly took the show into uncharted territory. With Oliver Queen's late-night escapades as the Green Arrow public knowledge, vigilantes were officially outlawed in Star City as the Emerald Archer himself found himself behind the unforgiving bars of Slabside Super Maximum Security Prison.

Although, not even all of that was enough to stop Oliver from returning in a desperate bid to save the city that he loved and, in the game-changing season finale, he was successful in doing just that. However, this time he took it one step further and joined The Monitor on a quest to save not just Star City, not just the world or even the universe, but the entire multiverse.

As all of this went down, the show's flash-forwards built towards the culmination of its own story, only for Oliver's children to reveal that 2019 was indeed the year that their father "died".

With Oliver's new mission and his mysterious fate hanging over the show, Arrow has undoubtedly been left in an interesting place as it heads into its final season - one that has left fans with a ton of questions that simply must be answered.

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