Arrow: 10 Questions We Need Answered Before The End Of Season 4

So what is Darhk's plan, exactly?

Arrow Damien Darhk
The CW

Season 4 of Arrow is getting down to crunch time and with only five episodes left, there's still a lot of ground to cover, and storylines to resolve. Oliver's status as a hero has never been more tenuous, and the events of ‘Eleven-Fifty-Nine’ have shaken up the status quo yet again.

Notably, Arrow just dropped a bomb of a character death and there’s a lot of pieces to pick up in the wake of it. The remaining characters have all been affected by the loss but we have yet to see any of it. The long-term ramifications are sure to be tremendous and they may only slowly start to manifest themselves in these episodes.

Of course, there’s plenty of other stuff that’s been going on as well. The threat of the newly-escaped Damien Darhk is still lingering, and his plans for the city and Green Arrow are still unknown. He’s going to put things into action soon and there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding his actions and motivations.

The future of Oliver Queen and those around him is in flux. A lot has changed for him this year and there’s still plenty of unresolved issues for the characters to tackle before the season can come to a satisfying close. By tying off these storylines in a meaningful way, Arrow can still build up hope for where next year is headed.

10. Is Captain Lance's Career Over?

Arrow Damien Darhk
The CW

Quentin Lance has really become the heart of the series, but that doesn’t excuse the multiple infractions he’s made as a police officer. It started with his testimony against Damien Darhk, in which implicated himself in criminal activities. Then, while suspended, he assaulted the lieutenant so that Green Arrow could break into the prison. Realistically, that doesn’t bode well for him returning.

But on top of the logistics, it's unclear if he would even want to go back to being a police officer. He’s just lost a daughter, again, and may be in no state of mind to take up something like this. He’s had serious health problems as a result of this kind of stress and maybe it’s time for Lance to put his uniform away for good.

Of course, if he’s no longer a cop, what is he meant to do? Considering the amount of time he’s spent hanging around with Team Arrow, it could certainly be a realistic scenario where he becomes an official part of their headquarters.

No matter the outcome, Lance is too important a character in this show to not give him some clear direction as he emerges from this trying time.


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