Arrow: 7 Dumbest Plots Of The Series So Far

Oliver may have perfect aim, but Arrow has been known to miss the mark.

The CW€™s Arrow can be an awesome show. The cast is wonderful and has largely struck up a dynamic chemistry that is fun to watch. Many of the stunts have been truly remarkable for the small screen too, and the characters have been so engaging that it€™s almost impossible not to become invested in their journeys. There€™s a reason why comic television really took off following the series premiere back in 2012. When Arrow is good, it€™s really very good. Unfortunately, when Arrow is bad, it€™s really pretty bad. The show tends to swing for the fences on a regular basis, and it doesn€™t always recover all that well when there€™s not a home run every time. The last couple of seasons in particular have seen some major clunkers of storylines. The characters can usually be written to compensate for any misfires of plot, but some plots are just too nonsensical to work at all, and the characters suffer for having to go through the motions of delivering the lines. Season 4 has been an improvement on the oppressive doom and gloom of Season 3, and some of the arcs that have come close to flopping can be attributed to Arrow doing its part to launch spinoff Legends of Tomorrow. Nevertheless, there€™s no denying some of the dumb that has afflicted the series all on its own. So, here is a look back at the seven dumbest plots of Arrow so far.
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