Arrow Season 8 Review: 11 Ups & 2 Downs From 'Green Arrow And The Canaries'

A backdoor pilot that excels in every way, Green Arrow and The Canaries deserves a series order.

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Contains spoilers from Arrow Season 8, Episode 9.

The end may be nigh for Arrow, but its legacy is set to carry on through another potential spin-off. Unlike the rest, however, this one is directly tied to it and will serve as a successor of sorts that will both continue the story it began while telling its very own. That spin-off is, of course, Green Arrow and The Canaries.

Whether or not that spin-off is commissioned relies on the success of its backdoor pilot - a backdoor pilot which took place on the penultimate episode of Arrow (and was also titled 'Green Arrow and The Canaries').

Set in a very different post-Crisis future, it follows Laurel Lance as she shows up in Star City 2040 in a bid to rescue Bianca Bertinelli. In order to do that, she needs help from some familiar faces and, with that, tracks down former enemy-turned-partner Dinah Drake and the Green Arrow's daughter Mia Queen.

'Green Arrow and The Canaries' successfully set up a series that promises to be every bit as engaging as its predecessor, while also showcasing some of the Arrowverse's most underappreciated actors. In the process, it sets the stage for what could very well be the best superhero series to grace our screens in a very long time.

First, the negatives...

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