Arrowverse: 10 Implications From Crisis On Infinite Earths

What has changed in the Arrowverse?

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Crisis on Infinite Earths has definitely changed the Arrowverse in many ways.

Ever since The Flash Season 1 all the way back in 2014, the Crisis has long been foreshadowed by the Arrowverse. There have been many hints that have gradually increased as the universe came closer to the natural endpoint of this massive crossover.

This has resulted in the background plot of the Elseworlds crossover as well as the background plots of both The Flash and Arrow this season. It has led to some real emotional stakes as the heroes all grappled with the fact that their entire existence could come to an end very soon as well as their personal deaths.

Just like its comic counterpart, Crisis on Infinite Earths has truly changed the game and ensured that nothing would be the same going forward.

Now that the dust has cleared, let's take stock on what has happened with our heroes and their entire worlds and what it all means...

10. Mia Smoak Is The New Green Arrow

The CW

In the events leading up to Crisis, Oliver Queen was involved in training Mia Smoak to take up his mantle as the Green Arrow; and he also gives Mia her Green Arrow suit.

They both crossed paths when the Monitor sent an older William, Mia and John Cornor from 2040 back to 2019. Prior to meeting her father, Mia only knew him as the person who left her and Felicity to save the Multiverse. Since leaving, Felicity has been persistent in training Mia to become a better and skilled fighter, with aid from Nyssa al Ghul.

Throughout the events in Crisis, we can see that she has come to understand her father better. They both shared a moment on the island of Lian Yu, which hosted some of the most darkest moments in Oliver’s life.

And in the new timeline, Earth 2-Laurel restores her memories and saw her saving Bianca Bertinelli, adopted daughter of Helana Bertinelli as the new Green Arrow with the help of Dinah Drake and Laurel.


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