Babylon 5: 5 Problems The New Movie Will Need to Overcome

1. Can A Movie Version Add Anything To The Franchise?

While Warner Bros. owns the rights to Babylon 5 on TV, Straczynski has retained the big screen rights. This is perhaps one of the reasons why he is proposing a movie to reintroduce the universe, although he may still seek to work with WB on it. However, the question remains about what the film could achieve that the original series did not. If it is merely about making the story look better, with a grander budget, then there seems little point. While the series may appear physically dated, from a writing point of view, it remains as sharp as ever. Given its easy availability on DVD, viewers would need to be given something spectacular and new to be convinced to see it on the big screen. But perhaps Straczynski will be able to find new parallels in his world. The political nature of the series was always fascinating, and perhaps, in the new millennium, the diplomatic space station will find new struggles more germane to the world as it is now. But no matter what changes, there is little doubt that there will always be danger lurking in the shadows. There are a lot of questions about whether a movie will be possible, and whether it can overcome these hurdles. But for the fans, their deserving trust in the Great Maker himself means that a big screen reboot may be one of the most exciting moments in Babylon 5's history. What are your thoughts on a Babylon 5 movie? Let us know down in the comments.
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