Battlestar Galactica's 15 Biggest Plot Twists And Reveals

Battlestar Galactica liked to keep you on your toes!

Battlestar: Galactica - ‘Daybreak’

The reimagined Battlestar Galactica TV series was a program that skillfully blended hard military action, intense character-based drama and complex science fiction themes. It explored a wide range of thought-provoking topics, including terrorism, religion, love, politics, ethics, and personal identity, all wrapped up in gripping plot that kept viewers tuning in episode after episode.

Throughout its run (which included a mini-series, four regular seasons and a variety of tie-in movies and web series) Battlestar Galactica took viewers on a roller-coaster of twists and turns which included shifting loyalties, dramatic reversals of fortune, and revelations that got to the very identities of the core cast.

One never knew which character was likely to have their lives sent in a tailspin by the end of the next episode. By the time the survivors reached the series finale, nobody had gone untouched by the unexpected trauma that lurked around every corner in the battle for survival. However, the fact that the road traveled was fraught with peril only made the eventual conclusion all the more satisfying.

Here are the 15 most startling and best delivered twists and reveals that Battlestar Galactica had to offer.

Obvious Spoilers lie ahead!

15. The Meaning Of The Opera House (Daybreak – Season 4, Episodes 19-21)

Battlestar: Galactica - ‘Daybreak’

Throughout Battlestar Galactica, multiple characters have visions of an Opera House. In the fourth season in particular, a recurring dream shows President Roslin and the Cylon Sharon 'Athena' Agathon chasing young Hera (Athena’s hybrid daughter) through the halls of this Opera House, before the child is collected by a Number Six and Gaius Baltar, and taken through an ominous door. There, Six and Baltar look up at the robed figures of the Final Five Cylons standing on the balcony above the stage.

In the series finale, the events of the vision finally come to pass. The halls of the Opera House are now Galactica, where both Roslin and Athena attempt to find young Hera who has run away after being rescued from the Cylon Colony. She is picked up by Baltar and Caprica Six, and taken through a final door into the Galactica control room, where the Five have gathered in the upper levels to recreate resurrection technology.

All of this action is intercut poetically with images of the vision, confirming that these events are what it was indicating all along. It’s a cool moment of revelation that while not being shocking, is highly satisfying.


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