BBC Original British Drama 2013 Trailer - 8 Shows That Got Us Excited

On Sunday the brand new BBC trailer for the Autumn and Winter seasons was released and revealed scenes and some dialogue from eight up-coming drama series'. The strong line-up contains established existing dramas as well as newly penned stories. Here is a run down of what we will be seeing.

8. Quirke

Quirke Quirke, based on the books by Benjamin Black (award-winning Irish writer John Banville), has been adapted for BBC One and will be played by In Treatments Dr. Paul Weston, Golden Globe Award and Emmy Award nominated Gabriel Byrne. Additional casting announced includes Michael Gambon, Nick Dunning and Brian Gleeson whilst Colin Morgan, former star of Merlin, will also appear. Quirke is a chief pathologist in the Dublin city morgue, a hard-drinking, insatiably curious man who is determined to solve the secrets of mysterious deaths in the noir of 1950s Ireland. The series is a co-production between BBC Drama Production and Dublin-based companies Element Pictures and Tyrone Productions and the three feature-length episodes take their stories from different books in the series, 'Christine Falls' and 'The Silver Swan' and 'Elegy for April'. Quirke should appear in late 2013.
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