BBC Original British Drama 2013 Trailer - 8 Shows That Got Us Excited

7. The Musketeers

Musket Created by Adrian Hodges (writer of My Week With Marilyn), The Musketeers is a new adaptation of the legendary tale of the Three Musketeers. Set in seventeenth century Paris it follows the Musketeers: Athos, Aramis and Porthos who are a band of soldiers, standing justice and honour. The 10 part series stars Luke Pasqualino (Skins) as D'Artagnan, alongside The Musketeers, Tom Burke (Great Expectations, The Hour) as Athos, Santiago Cabrera (Merlin, Heroes) as Aramis and Howard Charles (Royal Shakespeare Company) as Porthos. Peter 'The Doctor' Capaldi will also star, he will play Cardinal Richelieu, the thorn in the Musketeer's sides. A fresh and contemporary take on the classic characters created by Alexandre Dumas is promised, with the series bursting with escapism, adventure and romance and set to thrill audiences with cracking stories every week. Ben Stephenson, Controller of BBC Drama, says: "The ambition of this drama is clearly illustrated with such a world class mix of talent - the perfect team to take the audience on thrilling action adventures every week." The Musketeers is scheduled for early 2014.
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