Better Call Saul: 10 Easter Eggs From The Pilot You Have To See

That guy with the glasses and 'tache at the beginning looked familiar...

Finally, Vince Gilligan has decided it's time to cook again. Well, €œfinally€ - Breaking Bad has been off the air nary a year (give or take), but fans couldn't get enough of it. Like the sky blue crystal meth that the cancer-stricken Walter White started cooking to support his family after his death, viewers found it hard to quit the show, even when it came to a fairly decisive conclusion. Said conclusion didn't really leave much room for a sequel and, honestly, Breaking Bad would've suffered with one. Plus don't you want that slight glimmer of hope that Jesse got out and finally had a nice life, one that wasn't constantly being manipulated into traumatic corners by the machinations of Heisenberg? Instead, creator Vince Gilligan teamed with long time BB write Peter Gould to create Better Call Saul, a black comedy spin-off that fleshes out supporting character Saul Goodman, one of the few sources of humour in an increasingly bleak show. Better Call Saul, meanwhile? It's a laugh riot! Well, mostly. There's also some serious business to attend to. It's still a Breaking Bad spin-off, after all, and don't you forget it. Not that you could, with all the winks and nods that appeared in its first episode: here are ten of those Easter eggs from Better Call Saul's pilot you absolutely have to see.

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