Better Call Saul: 10 Theories For How It All Ends

9. Kim Dies Protecting Jimmy

Better Call Saul

Then again, it could be that Kim is doomed. Like Walt, Jimmy has an uncanny ability to ruin the lives of everyone around him, whilst always finding a way to come out on top. As the show nears its end, this has become clearer than ever.

Not only did the most recent episode see the brutal murder of embattled lawyer Howard Hamlin, but Jimmy's constant desire to save himself and ruin the lives of his detractors has also lead to the deaths of Nacho Varga and, most critically, his own brother.

Kim is the closest thing Jimmy has to family, and throughout Better Call Saul has acted his rock and most trusted confidant, a relationship that might just cost her her life when Jimmy's past starts to catch up with them.

It could happen a number of ways -- like Howard, she could be shot down by Lalo Salamanca -- and though it's not the most likely outcome for such a powerful character, it would certainly back Jimmy into a corner and give him one last push into becoming the Saul Goodman we meet in Breaking Bad.


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