Better Call Saul Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

10. A Shorter Run Than Expected

AMC showed it had a lot of faith in Better Call Saul right from the beginning - and really, with the success of Breaking Bad you can easily see why - as they picked it up for two seasons right from the off. The initial order was for the first season to consist of 10 episodes, and then the second 13 (in line with the majority of Breaking Bad seasons). However, don't be getting too excited for having an extended run of Better Call Saul in your life, as AMC confirmed a few months back that Season 2 would be another 10 episodes, rather than 13. There's no real reason offered, although hopefully it means things are kept as tightly plotted as they were in Season 1, while co-creator Peter Gould indicated less could mean more.

@drovethrughosts No mistake! 10 big, big episodes!

€” Peter Gould (@petergould) November 15, 2015

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