Better Call Saul Season 5 - 5 Things We Can't Wait To See

The end game is nigh as 'Slippin Jimmy' returns for his penultimate season...


Better Call Saul returns later this month, giving fans another ten episodes of adventures with Jimmy McGill as he edges ever closer to transforming into the ‘criminal’ lawyer Walter White first meets in Breaking Bad. Now that AMC has announced Season 5 will be the show’s penultimate run, we’re not too far away from the end game and events will be picking up pace as a result.

We started to see a number of linking threads with the show’s predecessor take shape at the end of Season 4, and we’ll surely see some new conflict between the main characters as a result. After years of trying to make it as an established and respected lawyer, Jimmy seems to have accepted who he really is and what he stands for, and his choices going forward will have consequences.

So what can we hope for this season? With big decisions for some of the major characters, along with some surprise returning faces, here’s what we can’t wait to see in Season 5.


5. The Meth Lab Gets Finished


Better Call Saul has, perhaps surprisingly, given us a much greater insight into how Gustavo Fring began his meth distribution operation, which we later see in full swing in Breaking Bad. While fans at the time probably weren't too concerned on Gus's origins as a major player in the drugs trade of New Mexico, the prequel show has since given us what we didn't know we needed - a fascinating tale into how Gus managed to manipulate the cartel into producing meth on his side of the border.

One of the most key elements in this operation is the meth lab underneath the laundrette, later used by Walter and Jesse. We started to see this constructed (with some complications) in Season 4, and we can expect it to come into play more before the end of this run of episodes. There will likely be more problems moving forward as Gus continues to enact his revenge plan and the lab could play a big part of that.

What this will also hopefully mean is more appearances from Gale Boetticher. Gale is a constant reminder that it is never a good idea to get involved in the drugs trade, even if his personal reasons are justified. Every time we see the naive scientist on screen, it hurts as we know the tragic outcome for this character.

Poor Gale.


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